Pop up at Eddie Martinez's space. NYC. 2016.


plates, bottles, box filled with bones, curb, yoga mat


bovine bones, box, paint


turmeric, blackberry, yellow dock, italian green earth, coffee, matcha, fireplace ash.


cinnamon, matte medium, paint on wood door with handmade broom.


paint and artist's spit on terrycloth bathmat


food and paint on plate


corner filter


food and paint on restaurant napkin


paint on paper in artist's frame


food, paint and ink on cloth restaurant napkin


food, paint, nail on cloth restaurant napkin

     quartered tapestryquartered tapestry

paint and dirt on canvas


paint, paper, cutting board, black walnut


paint, paper, cutting board, lysine


ink, paint, collaged and burnt paper, food, cutting board


mixed media, paper, cutting board


paint, paper, cutting board, scots pine pollen


paint, paper, cutting board, black haw tincture


paint, paper, schizandra berry, cutting board


paint, burdock root tincture, graphite, paper, cutting board


paint, wax crayon, paper, cutting board


bilberry, colored pencil, paper, cutting board


mixed media, paper, board, italian green earth


paint, paper, msm, cutting board


paint, plate, shelf


paint on shelf


drawings with curb


fat ghost


rust, brick, dirt, clay and goji berry on itinerant canvas made in sami, greece


gloves, paint, glue, rubber bands