“The Book of Formation is about the deformation and reformation of not just the three main personalities in this book, but the idea of personality, in general. This modern-day Kaspar Hauser story is told in as a series of interviews (the interview being the form we have created for the worship of personality) in a sincere and surprising attempt to come to terms with the pain of having a body, and the unnecessary burden of being oneself; and with the discomforts of being famous, loved, despised, and just an anonymous member of the audience. If you want a book unlike any you have ever read, but like so many of the delicious things in our culture (The Oprah Winfrey show, Interview magazine) you have  no reason not to begin the original, fascinating and humane Book of Formation.” —Sheila Heti, author of How Should a Person Be? 

“A debut reminiscent of modern art—often unsettling, not always easy or beautiful, but rewarding to the reader willing to grapple with its questions.” —KIRKUS REVIEW


“Ambitious… strikingly intelligent.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“Sickness, celebrity, a dismayingly plausible quasi-religious movement—The Book of Formation takes a long, strange look at a culture in crisis and comes back with something magical and engrossing. This is a more than promising debut.”—Tom Bissell, author of Extra Lives


“Here in The Book of Formation, self-invention, reinvention and their elaborate culture go under the knife.”—Jesse Ball, author of How to Set a Fire and Why

“Hypnotic, genre-bending… Question(s) the nature of faith, entertainment, celebrities, and ultimately, the way we tell our own stories.” —INTERVIEW MAGAZINE


“It’s astonishingly well done. I was gripped… This is due to Simonini’s impressive handling of his form… clearly he is an expert in the spoken word and oral storytelling.” —THE INDEPENDENT


“Ross Simonini’s The Book of Formation deftly interrogates how we become who we are… original and thought-provoking debut.” —ARKANSAS INTERNATIONAL