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Ross Simonini is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, composer, and dialogist.  

He has held solo exhibitions of his work at the Sharjah Biennial (UAE), anonymous gallery (NYC), Et Al (SF), SHRINE (LA), (Zurich), Shoot the Lobster (LU), Jack Hanley Gallery (NYC), and Human Resources (LA). 

His first novel, The Book of Formation was published in 2018 by Melville House Books. 


He has taught seminars on experimental process, sound, and dialogue at Columbia University, CCA, and UCLA.

He currently releases music under his own name and has previously released music as a member of the bands, NewVillager and Trespassers William.

He is an interviewer at Art Review and he served as the interviews editor at The Believer from 2007 — 2020. His essays have appeared in the New York Times, The Paris Review, Frieze, Mousse, and many books and monographs. He has hosted and produced several podcasts: Subject Object Verb, Raw Material (season 1) and The Organist.

He lives in Los Angeles, where he runs ALICIA, a gallery and performance space on his property.

Contact: hello [at]


2023, Pan,, Zurich (solo)

2023, Tales, SHRINE, Los Angeles (solo)

2022, The All, anonymous Gallery, NY 

2021, Refrains, Et Al, San Francisco

2019, Thank You, Cat Box Contemporary, NY 

2018, My Whole Entiled World, Escolar,  CA 

2017, Anxiety Napkins, Sharjah Biennial 13, UAE

2016, Suncakes, Vacancy, LA (two)

2015, Sweather, Fredericks & Freiser, NY (two)​

2014, Quartering Myself, Shoot the Lobster, Luxembourg (solo)

2013, Bathers, Blackston, NY (two)

2012, Temporary Culture, Human Resources, LA (solo as NewVillager)


2022, Chris Johanson, Altman Siegel, San Francisco

2021, 100 Sculptures, Anonymous Gallery, NY

2021, The Shaker, Sgomento Zurigo, Zurich, Switzerland 

2020, Birds Sun Such Trees, Et al + Arts of Life, Chicago

2020, 100 Sculptures, No Gallery, LA

2018, Gnaw The Bone That Falls To Thy Lot, Kimberly Klark Gallery, NY

2017, Mind Control, Alterspace, SF

2016, Shakey Towns, AlterSpace, SF

2016, World Made By Hand, Andrew Edlin Gallery, NY

2015, Negative Hand, Anonymous Gallery, Mexico

2015, Box Lunch, SkyLab, Columbus, OH

2013, Draw Gym, 247365 & Know More Games, NY, curated by Brian Belott

2013, Brush Crusher, NY curated by Gerasimos Floratos

2013, Age of Small Things, Dodge Gallery, NY

2013, Devotional Spaces, Ventana 244, NY

2013, Bad Fog, Martos Gallery, NY, curated by Eddie Martinez

2013, Eat or Die, Denny Gallery, NY (two)

2012, Nature Balance, Fredericks and Freiser Gallery, NY

2012, Human Resources, curated by Dawn Kasper, NY


2022, Milk Heaven, Exhibition A

2020, Energy Calendars, Fresh Bread, Chicago

2020, To Your Under, Heavy Heavy Breathing

2020, The Well, Mother Culture

2019, Contradict Yourself, Other Places Art Fair, Los Angeles 

2018, Books of Deformation, an edition, Exhibition A, New York 

2016, Algae Bibs, Colpa Press 

2016, Picnic, Martinez studio, NY (pop up solo)

2016, Prospect Drawings,  Exhibition A

2015, Digestive Napkins, Martos Gallery


2019, My Whole Entiled World, Escolar, Forestville, CA

2019, Quartering Performance, Interface Gallery, Oakland

2018, Mudslinger, Stable Gallery, Other Places Art Fair, LA

2012, NewVillager, Jack Hanley Gallery, New York



2019, The Feeling Sense: a lecture, Kadist Foundation, San Francisco

2018, On Interviewing: a talk at Likeminds, Hudson, NY

2018, Fluid Humanity: A talk with Anicka Yi, Printed Matter, NYC

​2017, People Pool Pie, Performa 17, NYC (conductor)

2017, A Conversation with Anna Halprin, Jessica Silverman Gallery

2015, Queens Museum (solo musical performance)

2015, Me Want Food with Brian Belott, Performa 15 (conductor)

2014, Interview with John Maus, Frieze art fair

2012, Brooklyn Museum (as NewVillager)

2011, Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh (as NewVillager)
2011, Powerplay festival, Bridgehampton (as NewVillager)


2017 — ongoing, Ross Simonini

2007— 2012, NewVillager

2003 —2007, Trespassers William


The New York Times, McSweeneys, The Believer, ArtReview, T Style, The Paris Review, Art in America, The Fader, Interview, Mousse, LitHub, California Sunday, ArtNews, frieze, Salon, Bomb, Los Angeles Times, Stop Smiling, LA Weekly, Bookforum, Seattle Weekly, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Stranger, Psychology Today, SFMOMA's Open Space, Affidavit, 11:11, Mean, Hazlitt, The Globe and Mail, Poetry Magazine, Yeti, Manhattan Art Review.

ZINES (pdfs)

2016, Brian Belott and Ross Simonini 

2015, MoMY

2014, Ross Simonini Drawings

2012, Rotdraw

BOOKS (as editor)

2012, Always Apprentices, Believer Books (editor, with Sheila Heti)

2014, The appearance of Confidence: Believer Books (editor, with Vendela Vida)

MONOGRAPHS (as contributor)

2023, Sam Moyer, Rizzoli (dialogue)

2022, Reassembler 3, Brian Belott (essay)

2021, N.Dash, Mehdi Chouakri (essay)

2021, Fifth Dimension Cookbook, Susan Cianciolo, LumberRoom, (essay)

2021, The Reassembler, Brian Belott (essay)

2021, N.Dash, Monograph (essay)

2021, Creative Mood, Galeria Marta Cervera (essay)
2013, Eddie Martinez Paintings , Picture Box Books, (essay)

2015, My Life As a Man, Carmen Winant, (poem)

2016, Serious T'ings Gonna Happen: on Jamaican Dancehall, Hat and Beard (essay)

2015, Sender, Peter Sutherland, Printed Matter (essay)

2015, Devendra Banhart and Adam Tullie (introduction)

2015, 33 1/3's How to Write About Music, Da Capo (essay)

2015, Matthew Barney's River of Fundament, Rizzoli (essay)

2013, Jacob Cooper, Silver Threads, New Amsterdam (liner notes)


2022 - 2023, ALICIA

2018, Guerneville, NIAD Art Center, with Gerasimos Floratos

2016, "Dek Hed" at The Thing Quarterly 


2020 — present, Subject, Object, Verb presented by ArtReview

2017, Raw Material presented by SFMOMA

2015 — 2019, The Organist presented by McSweeney's and KCRW 


2023, UCLA, MFA Art Department

2014 — 2022, Columbia University, Writing program, graduate/undergraduate

2019, California College of the Arts, Creative Writing, graduate

2019, Stanford, Guest lecturer, Italic program

2010, Stanford, Guest lecturer, MFA writing program


2007- 2020, Interviews Editor, The Believer magazine

2005- 2007, Music Editor, Resonance

2004 - 2007, Music Editor, Identity Theory


2019, Orchard House, Boulder, CO

2017, Salmon Creek Farm, Mendocino, CA

2016, Frischmann House, Muir Beach, CA

2016, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Audio Artist in Residence

2016, Andrea Zittel's Wagon Station Encampment, Joshua Tree, CA


B.M. (Music Composition) University of California

M.F.A. (Fiction Writing) Bennington College

Certificate, European American Musical Alliance, Julliard/Nadia Boulanger 


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LA Weekly, 2023, Review: Tales

KCRW, 2023, Review: Tales

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Art News, 2019, Consumer Reports: Ross Simonini

Document Journal, 2022, Feel Good Painting

This is Your AfterLife, 2022, Interview (part 1 and 2)

Observer, 2022, Breaking the Stigma

The Slow Down, 2022, On Subject Object Verb

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Autre Magazine, 2021, Premiere: I Am Love

Thank You exhibition essay, 2019, by Evan Reiser

Degree Critical, 2019, On Quartering Performance

Interview Magazine, 2017, Ross Simonini's The Book of Formation

Quartering Myself: a documentary on Simonini's four limbed painting

Interview Magazine, 2014, Ross Simonini Takes a Napkin

Mission Comics Art Gallery, 2015, An interview with Ross Simonini

The Jalapeno, Podcast Interview, 2019

Artinfo/Modern Painters, 2014, Ross Simonini's Feet, Food and Fraught Emotions

LargeHearted Boy, 2017, "The Book of Formation" Booknotes Playlist 

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Ross Simonini, 2007, by Tao Lin

LA Weekly, 2019, Other Places Art Fair

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The New York Times, 2013, Review: Draw Gym

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Interview Magazine, 2012, Cocoon House

The Believer, 2013, Notes concerning Ross Simonini's current drawing show

WQXR, 2013, Ross Simonini's Music that Defines and Undefines New Composition

Obscure Sound, 2011, Review: NewVillager's self-titled debut 

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